Cutting-Edge Quality

Quality interior millwork--when it matters the most. For the end customer, quality means “wow”. For those involved in the process, quality means “dependability.” At ibs, quality means consistency, reliability, and innovation.

To provide dependability to the commercial interiors industry, ibs has the highest certifications available, a purpose-built plant, refined processes, craftsmen with years of experience, a strong portfolio of interior millwork, and an even stronger reference list. IBS leverages the latest technologies to provide the highest level of quality commercial interior millwork.

"ibs’ strength is their quality top to bottom."

Gavin Daniels, Wingate Hughes

To provide innovation and “wow” to the end customer, ibs uses the finest materials, premier finishes, and the newest and best techniques. The ibs team is made up of craftsmen and professionals who are ambitious, artistic, creative, proud of their millwork, and always looking for that next industry leading tool, technique, process or material.