Progressive Agility

Agility is the ability to thrive and prosper in an environment of constant and unpredictable change. Whether a project needs unique materials, an incredibly short time frame, or a very creative approach to a tight budget, ibs focuses on the customer’s needs to define project priorities. We’re not just good at hitting fastballs, we hit curveballs hourly. At ibs, being agile is an everyday mindset, not an exception. Isn’t that the definition of custom?

"ibs is flexible, and can turn out quality projects with amazing speed."

Christian Zazzali, Hitt Contracting

Agile manufacturing refers to a manufacturing philosophy that focuses on meeting the demands of customers by adopting flexible manufacturing practices. Agile manufacturing requires an adaptable, innovative, and empowered work force. Agile manufacturing is a newer concept for others, but for ibs, agile manufacturing has always allowed us to:

  • Meet niche needs.
  • Produce one-off, high quality, custom products.
  • Work under very short production life-cycles, development time, and production lead times.
  • Treat customers as individuals.