ibs has its own in house engineering staff that uses the latest technology to tackle everything from the simplest to the most complex custom millwork projects. Sophisticated software and automation not only ensure accuracy in detail but also allow for the most creative ideas to come to fruition. ibs offers pre-construction consulting, detailing and engineering assistance.

Starting with AutoCAD, ibs draftsmen prepare the shop drawings for review in a flexible process that allows for electronic or manual submission. Samples and mock-ups ensure alignment from concept to design through execution.

"I ask ibs to build the biggest engineering nightmares that come across my desk."

Melinda Francisco, Jones Lang LaSalle

Once approved, the drawings are broken down using Microvellum software to prepare the items for processing and machining. The files are then transferred to the CNC clusters (panel saw, router, machining centers and edge bander) for production in the plant. ibs uses large format in house color print/scan capabilities to ensure an accurate transfer of data, and timely distribution to all on the construction team.